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Reach the top with nothing but two hooks, dedication and the strength of your arms in this fully physics based VR demo with unique climbing mechanics.

CAUTION: If you are susceptible to motion sickness, "Fear of Falling" might not be for you. The physics based movement system can very easily cause motion sickness when not used to it. Typical accesibility options like teleport and snap turning are not available. A vignette option is available.

Thank you for playing!


FearOfFalling ( 100 MB

Install instructions

SteamVR only. Default input mappings for Oculus Touch controllers are included. So far the game was only tested with Oculus Rift S.

This game is developed from scratch without a game engine. If you experience any issues, please reach out and I will try to address them.




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I'm having Bennett Foddy flashbacks; sometimes the picks get stuck in place (not on objects) even though my hands have moved and I end up bouncing off stuff as it tries to catch up. Still, I'm sufficiently nauseous and enjoyed the experience! I'm using a Windows Mixed Reality headset, btw.

Getting over it in VR was indeed the initial pitch (minus the rage).

I've never had issues with the picks being stuck, unless they get stuck on objects of course. But you describe it more like they just get stuck in mid air, correct? Could it be a tracking issue?